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The University Women’s Association of Thiruvananthapuram was established in November 1963 as a voluntary organization of Graduate women who are engaged in activities which provide them with opportunities to participate fully in professional and public life and to contribute their share effectively to the well being of the community to which they belong. We are proud to be a local unit of an International voluntary Organization, struggling to make the voice of the educated women across the globe effectively in international forum.

As a member of GWI we have been able to participate in the work of the International Federation.
The activities of the University Women’s Association, Thiruvananthapuram, are in line with the aims of the Federation.
The aims of the University Women’s Association, Thiruvananthapuram, are

  • To stimulate and further the interest of university women in academic, cultural and civic life.
  • To provide a forum for exchange of views on educational and socio-economic problems.
  • To promote understanding and friendship between University Women through out the world.

The activities of our Association have been organized on these lines. The formation of this Association marked the culmination of the long desire of some of the graduate women of Thiruvananthapuram to have a common forum for free exchange of ideas and views. The Association succeeded in its efforts to construct a building in 26 cents of land which was sanctioned by the State Government. UWA, TVPM has its own building constructed by the famous Architect Laury Becker and is functioning well during all these days even though the association had hard days some years back.We have had the privilege of having strong leaders with vision ,like Smt. Leksmi N Menon,Her Highness Pooyam Thirunal Gouri Parvathi Bayi,Her Highness Aswathy Thirunal Gouri Lekshmi Bayi etc.

We are fully conscious of the special role and responsibility of the educated women in India in the emerging set- up of today. The many tiered lamp, the emblem of our Association, is a symbolic of our desire to light the lamps of peace, progress and prosperity.

Our efforts and the success will be held as an example in many parts of the world, as to what educated women with modest resources can achieve with a will accompanied by hard work and imagination.

Office Bearers

Dr. Sreedevi B G

Vice president

Ambili Ramnath

Representative - IFUWA

Radhika Rani B S


Parvathi Pillai

Jt. Secretary

Dr. S H S Dharmaja


R Padmini

Executive Committee

Regi Jayakumar

Executive Committee

Prof. (Adv.)Rema Bhai K J

Executive Committee

Dr. P Letha

Executive Committee

Dr. Ganga Devi T

Co-opted member

Jaya Chandrahasan

Co-opted member

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